Grading and Specifications

* European White Oak. Sourced from only mountainous areas for a specific grade and tighter grain, between France, Germany, Czech and Ukraine.

* Character grade A-C.

* Maximum Length 8.25 feet.

* 80-90% of boards over 6 feet long.

* Max 10 % short boards min 40-200 cm

* Available in 7 1/4″ and 8 1/2″ wide boards

* Traces of sap wood permitted.

* Max open filled knot 1 1/2″ (infrequent)

* Max broken knot 3″ (infrequent)

* Max shake permitted is 1/8th” wide

* The groove of the board is a fraction bigger than the tongue, this is necessary to enable easy fitting, especially on uneven surfaces.

* English bevel on sides only

* Only Water Proof Boiled Birch Ply with carb and iso certified Plywood

* Glue is D3 Polyvinylacetate  (pvac) non-toxic water based glue

* 2 component solvent free filler with oak dust for absorbing colour and preventing shrinkage

We supply complete floors, not floorboards. A floor is only complete once it has been fitted, therefore we recommend that all of our floors are fitted by certified and experienced floor fitters. The final grading and presentation of the floor becomes apparent in the final stages of the fit. It is the responsibility of the floor fitter to place the boards in the correct position within the space and to cut out the odd section of a board which may be deemed unfit by the client.

With this in mind, final grading of the material is accomplished on site. If we have client with specific requirements for a grade with less knots for example we would advise that we supply a greater % of the order for waste and cuts, grading on site becomes a more cost effective option when compared to ordering a higher grade for the complete floor.