Wood Cladding

Innovative Antique & Contemporary Wood Cladding for Walls

Discover Wood Cladding

This collection features a range of wooden covering for walls that can give a room character and depth.

Wall wood cladding is used in homes, offices, restaurants and bars. It conveys texture and depth and comes in a variety of colors. The collection includes dark wood cladding for walls through to a lighter ‘shabby chic’ color.

We’ve taking this reclaimed wood cladding and carefully designed and finished it to deliver a product that combines charm and personality. Wooden cladding can truly change the feel of a room, whether it’s selected for a feature wall or the whole space.

Hardwood cladding is timeless and can be used in a variety of designs. Whether horizontal or vertical, long or short planks, hardwood cladding can be used to enhance any decor project.

For wooden wall panels Los Angeles or New York we invite you to contact The New and Reclaimed Company to discuss your requirements.