Solid Wood Flooring

Natural and Traditional Surfaces

Discover Solid Wood Flooring

At The New and Reclaimed Flooring Company we believe solid wood flooring projects a world of inspiration. A world that speaks of luxury, style and a product that has slowly aged over centuries.

Our solid oak flooring and solid pine flooring ranges reflect a patina and warmth that will enhance any premises. Each piece has been traditionally shaped, colored and finished to deliver a real beautiful wood floor product that brings timeless simplicity to its surroundings.

We bring you a solid hardwood flooring range that holds the essence of time, of being weathered by the elements and trodden by generations. This timelessness is reflected in the small board cracks, knots and occasional soft band saw marks that appear to remind of the passage of time.

Color plays an important part in each of our solid wood flooring ranges. Each is carefully researched and selected to reflect the latest trends and designs. From soft blue-grays to dramatic browns or subtle beige tones, the color is enhanced by the perfect finish of the wood.

Different patterns are abundant, to allow for choice and style. These range from narrow planks to wide planks.

You may select from unfinished solid oak wood flooring, natural solid pine or handmade French oak. Each has its own unique character and promises years of longevity.

We are particularly proud of our Caste solid oak flooring range, which was inspired by the elegance of country manors, castles and homes throughout England and Europe. This real wood flooring captures a sense of the British Victorian era and the life and times of this period in history.

We invite you to delight in our solid wood floors.