Driftwood Oak Flooring

Brushed weathered surface, Texture dimension, Natural colors

Discover Driftwood Oak Flooring

The Driftwood Flooring range takes its inspiration from the sea. From weathered wood that has been exposed to the elements for years and eventually washed up on shore.

The fine colors textures and finishes of driftwood that has been worn over time is reflected in our Driftwood Flooring collection. From subtle soft gray oak flooring to the white washed and clean lines of Driftwood white, each product conveys the charm of a wood that has survived the passage of time.

The raw texture of this wood is achieved by a subtle wire brushing technique, that leaves it smooth but worn. Deep tones and color variations abound in this reclaimed driftwood collection, that is unique to The New and Reclaimed Flooring Company. Each plank conveys a sense of being individually crafted by nature.

From sandy gray oak floorboards to warm brown tones, this collection offers a wide selection of wooden flooring that will sit comfortably alongside a variety of decor styles. Scandinavian feel in design, this flooring captures a coastal influence with memories of days at the beach, sun baked shores, and the roar of the ocean.

We are a renowned oak flooring company in the UK and are delighted to offer our driftwood flooring services in New York, Los Angeles and across the US.