Castle Collection

Undulated Surfaces & Period Finishes.

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We have always been a company that admires the way time alters and shapes the appearance of wood. Regardless if you’re using reclaimed oak flooring or new solid wood oak flooring, time has a way of adding its own special patina over the decades. Our challenge here was to abbreviate this time so you can have the warmth and aesthetic of reclaimed oak floorboards without the centuries wait. Using new Northern European Oak we are able to replicate the surface undulation typical of grand, ancient European properties. Drawing upon the beauty of traditional craftsmanship we also offer Hand Made French oak flooring which is cut, shaped and crafted in France from naturally felled old growth trees. Hairline-cracks, knots and soft band saw marks are just some of the characteristics that embody this prestigious collection.

All Castle products are available as solid or engineered platforms and have been calibrated to exhibit natural surface undulation. Comprised of traditional finishes reminiscent of regal country manors each Castle product has a rich character and luxurious historical feel.