Protecting Wooden flooring and furniture – Top effective tips

Protecting Wooden flooring and furniture – Top effective tips

29th May 2019

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Protecting Wooden flooring and furniture – Top effective tips

29th May 2019

Wooden Flooring looks beautiful and can last up to decades. Nevertheless, with day-to-day activities, the flooring often becomes rough and damaged. There are numerous reasons why wooden flooring has scratches, scuffs and so much more.
Often people are tempted to move the interior from one to the other place just for the sake of DIY. Nevertheless, we strongly recommended not doing it. There will not be only scratches, but while moving, further it can even damage the walls.
To make sure that your wooden flooring and the furniture lasts longer and looks charming as always – here is an entire article filled with practical tips and remedies you can follow.
Moreover, trust us, with little efforts you will be able to maintain the unique and elegant appeal of wooden flooring.
There are numerous ways to help you out with wooden flooring. Below-written are the basic tips that you can practice to protect the hardwood flooring.
• Keep The Shoes Outside
Yes, you heard that right! By keeping the shoes outside, you can keep the dirt and other small granules out of your home. Another point to remember is not to walk while wearing socks or stockings, and if the flooring is wet, you might fall. Oops!
You can keep a separate pair of slippers for your home. In that manner, the dirt from outside will not come inside thereby protecting your flooring.
Additionally, the areas where there is more traffic throughout the day should be clean up on a daily basis.

• Correct Investment For Moisture Damage
It’s true that the flooding might cause the moisture damage or maybe something spilled. Nevertheless, it can be wiped off easily. Additionally, there are other reasons for moisture damage as well.
Moisture can cause the spills whenever there is a humidity rising, ensure that the room’s temperature is being maintained at a reasonable level. This will help in controlling the humidity.
The same goes for the winter, when the air is dryer, the heat will cause the opposite effect leading the wood to pull apart.
Just make sure that the humidity levels are kept constant.

• Changes In The Flooring
Wooden flooring is made from the natural wood. So, frequently you need to keep checking the areas of your home. Sometimes, the wood raises up or dip in some corners – it is called cupping.
The reason could be sitting water, humidity or plumbing leakage. Always be careful about such areas.
Go through an examination to know where the root problem lies. Once you know the areas, you might need to replace the plank.

• Keeping The Wooden Flooring Shiny
Often people make the mistake of deep cleaning the wooden flooring that leads to the releasing of its natural oils.
Firstly, you need to vacuum the floor thoroughly. Remember, wet mop will leave streaks and other stuff on the floor. Therefore, perform dry mopping but NO BROOM.
It would be advisable in not using harmful chemicals as they cause rashes to the baby’s skin. Alongside, there are many home remedies you can give a try. All the ingredients are available in your pantry for the DIY.
Use one-fourth cup of apple cider vinegar and mix it with one gallon of warm water. Use this mixture, every three months and your wooden flooring will shine brightly.
Another alternative is to use olive oil that you can stir it with white vinegar and clean the wooden flooring. It will transform your wooden flooring into a brand new.

• Durable Wooden Flooring
For super hard and durable wooden flooring saturated acrylic finishes are infused to the wood.
Most of the times, this finishing is applied in the areas where there is much traffic, commercial spaces, and restaurants.
For the cleaning the acrylic finish, it mostly depends upon the finish. If the flooring possesses urethane finish then, regular cleaning works well. Also, if it is non-urethane finish then use the spray and buff system to clean the wooden flooring.

• Organizing The Furniture
Your furniture plays a vital role in protecting the wooden flooring. Considering how wood absorbent, putting heavy furniture might cause the flooring to sink. Therefore, keep the pads under the furniture legs. It will keep the flooring scratch free.

The second biggest concern after wooden flooring comes of furniture. As it is the integral part of your interior, you become cautious in protecting it. Due to the insects and moisture, wooden furniture damages easily.
Below described are the tips for protecting the furniture.

• Do Not Drag The Furniture
It might seem easy of dragging the furniture from one place to the other. Nevertheless, that is the reason why there are so many scratches on the wooden flooring.
Thus, the next time you are planning to move your interior, lift it up and then place it at your desired place.

• Always keep the furniture out of sunlight. During summer the temperature increases that might shrink the wood of furniture thereby causing cracks.

• If you wish to have some furniture in your backyard or the garden, then try to keep on tile flooring. Shun the idea of keeping it on the soil as termites and other insects will harm it.

• Whenever you are purchasing the cleaners for furniture, if it contains ammonia then just drop it. The harmful chemical will damage the wooden furniture.

• Prevent the furniture from the places where there is excessive moisture like bathrooms and laundry.

• If you have outdoor furniture and you tend to live in the area where it frequently rains then use water sealers. By applying the sealant, it will protect the furniture from the moisture and allow the damp wood inside the sealant to dry quickly avoiding splitting, warping and rotting.

• If you have pets, you can save your furniture direct away, and you can add natural fiber tablecloth, cover pads and use other things.

• Desist from keeping hot servings on the furniture. Instead, you can keep a tablecloth or a use trivet.

• If you have upholstery on the furniture, then rinse it once in a while. Let it dry in the sunshine completely. If it remains wet or tad damp, then chances are the furniture will develop mildew.

• Another crucial thing to protect from furniture is from the insects. They are EVERYWHERE and love wood. Use camphor or naphthalene balls that will keep the termites and other pests away from the furniture and wardrobe.
Naturally, you can use neem leaves or keep cloves for keeping insects away.

• One can also extract the aloe-vera juice by crushing the whole leaf. Later on, it is rubbed on the wooden furniture that will keep off the termites.

Wooden flooring offers you an appealing and lavish look to your home. Nevertheless, it requires excellent protection regarding money and maintenance. Other important point’s matters that are humidity and the quality of wood you choose for it.
The above-written blog sums up about useful tips that will help in guarding the flooring and furnishings. By following them, one can minimize the risk of damaging the wooden flooring and furniture.

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