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Foxlow – Prime Wood Oak Flooring

Foxlow – Prime Wood Oak Flooring

About this project

Prime strip oak mostly is between 80-90 years old, which means that the slick Deco styling from the 1920’s for example will be a blessing for art deco interiors of today – such as Foxlow restaurant in Farringdon.

We supplied a truck load of high quality, prime grade strip oak to be fitted in the new Foxlow restaurant in Farringdon, we couldn’t be happier with the final result. The architect was so impressed with the product that he reqested another 500m2, so that it could be kept in storage for future projects.

Recent trends seem to be pushing away from wider boards to slick and perhaps a more delicate appeal.

The product

Genuine Reclaimed Strip Wood Oak Flooring has always been a popular product with RFC. Most of the good quality strip wood oak comes from the USA, usually strip wood oak is supplied as a prime grade oak. This is because of the size of the oak trees in the USA and grain structure, European oak for example would not always make a great oak for a strip wood floor because of the character and knots within most planks.