Wooden Flooring looks beautiful and can last up to decades. Nevertheless, with day-to-day activities, the flooring often becomes rough and damaged. There are numerous reasons why wooden flooring has scratches, scuffs and so much more.

Often people are tempted to move the interior from one to the other place just for the sake of DIY. Nevertheless, we strongly recommended not doing it. There will not be only scratches, but while moving, further it can even damage the walls.

To make sure that your wooden flooring and the furniture lasts longer and looks charming as always – here is an entire article filled with practical tips and remedies you can follow.

Moreover, trust us, with little efforts you will be able to maintain the unique and elegant appeal of wooden flooring.


There are numerous ways to help you out with wooden flooring. Below-written are the basic tips that you can practice to protect the hardwood flooring.

  • Keep The Shoes Outside

Yes, you heard that right! By keeping the shoes outside, you can keep the dirt and other small granules out of your home. Another point to remember is not to walk while wearing socks or stockings, and if the flooring is wet, you might fall. Oops!

You can keep a separate pair of slippers for your home. In that manner, the dirt from outside will not come inside thereby protecting your flooring.

Additionally, the areas where there is more traffic throughout the day should be clean up on a daily basis.

  • Correct Investment For Moisture Damage

It’s true that the flooding might cause the moisture damage or maybe something spilled.  Nevertheless, it can be wiped off easily.  Additionally, there are other reasons for moisture damage as well.

Moisture can cause the spills whenever there is a humidity rising, ensure that the room’s temperature is being maintained at a reasonable level.  This will help in controlling the humidity.

The same goes for the winter, when the air is dryer, the heat will cause the opposite effect leading the wood to pull apart.

Just make sure that the humidity levels are kept constant.

  • Changes In The Flooring

Wooden flooring is made from the natural wood. So, frequently you need to keep checking the areas of your home. Sometimes, the wood raises up or dip in some corners – it is called cupping.

The reason could be sitting water, humidity or plumbing leakage. Always be careful about such areas.

Go through an examination to know where the root problem lies. Once you know the areas, you might need to replace the plank.

  • Keeping The Wooden Flooring Shiny

Often people make the mistake of deep cleaning the wooden flooring that leads to the releasing of its natural oils.

pic1-Protecting-Wooden-flooFirstly, you need to vacuum the floor thoroughly. Remember, wet mop will leave streaks and other stuff on the floor. Therefore, perform dry mopping but NO BROOM.

It would be advisable in not using harmful chemicals as they cause rashes to the baby’s skin. Alongside, there are many home remedies you can give a try. All the ingredients are available in your pantry for the DIY.

Use one-fourth cup of apple cider vinegar and mix it with one gallon of warm water. Use this mixture, every three months and your wooden flooring will shine brightly.

Another alternative is to use olive oil that you can stir it with white vinegar and clean the wooden flooring. It will transform your wooden flooring into a brand new.

  • Durable Wooden Flooring

For super hard and durable wooden flooring saturated acrylic finishes are infused to the wood.

Most of the times, this finishing is applied in the areas where there is much traffic, commercial spaces, and restaurants.

For the cleaning the acrylic finish, it mostly depends upon the finish. If the flooring possesses urethane finish then, regular cleaning works well. Also, if it is non-urethane finish then use the spray and buff system to clean the wooden flooring.

  • Organizing The Furniture

Your furniture plays a vital role in protecting the wooden flooring. Considering how wood absorbent, putting heavy furniture might cause the flooring to sink. Therefore, keep the pads under the furniture legs. It will keep the flooring scratch free.


The second biggest concern after wooden flooring comes of furniture. As it is an integral part of your interior, you become cautious in protecting it. Due to the insects and moisture, wooden furniture damages easily.

Below described are the tips for protecting the furniture.

  • Do Not Drag The Furniture

It might seem easy of dragging the furniture from one place to the other. Nevertheless, that is the reason why there are so many scratches on the wooden flooring.

Thus, the next time you are planning to move your interior, lift it up and then place it at your desired place.

  • Always keep the furniture out of sunlight. During summer the temperature increases that might shrink the wood of furniture thereby causing cracks.
  • If you wish to have some furniture in your backyard or the garden, then try to keep on tile flooring. Shun the idea of keeping it on the soil as termites and other insects will harm it.
  • Whenever you are purchasing the cleaners for furniture, if it contains ammonia then just drop it. The harmful chemical will damage the wooden furniture.
  • Prevent the furniture from the places where there is excessive moisture like bathrooms and laundry.
  • If you have outdoor furniture and you tend to live in the area where it frequently rains then use water sealers. By applying the sealant, it will protect the furniture from the moisture and allow the damp wood inside the sealant to dry quickly avoiding splitting, warping and rotting.
  • If you have pets, you can save your furniture direct away, and you can add natural fiber tablecloth, cover pads and use other things.
  • Desist from keeping hot servings on the furniture. Instead, you can keep a tablecloth or a use trivet.
  • If you have upholstery on the furniture, then rinse it once in a while. Let it dry in the sunshine completely. If it remains wet or tad damp, then chances are the furniture will develop mildew.
  • Another crucial thing to protect from furniture is from the insects. They are EVERYWHERE and love wood. Use camphor or naphthalene balls that will keep the termites and other pests away from the furniture and wardrobe.

Naturally, you can use neem leaves or keep cloves for keeping insects away.

  • One can also extract the aloe-vera juice by crushing the whole leaf. Later on, it is rubbed on the wooden furniture that will keep off the termites.

Wooden flooring offers you an appealing and lavish look to your home.  Nevertheless, it requires excellent protection regarding money and maintenance. Other important point’s matters that are humidity and the quality of wood you choose for it.

The above-written blog sums up about useful tips that will help in guarding the flooring and furnishings. By following them, one can minimize the risk of damaging the wooden flooring and furniture.

If rustic décor is what wins over your heart, then you will certainly love the wooden flooring. Most of the times, flooring isn’t giving much importance. As new trends are coming, people have started giving a thought about it.

One of the many flooring ideas is the wooden flooring. They give a great design to your creative space. Different types of the color palate are available that will go together with the interior. Today in this blog, we have put together 9 unique wooden flooring ideas that you can give a try.

By doing so, it will enhance the look of your place with a inspiration and esthetic feel.

  1. White Mist

The famous and found almost in everyone home is White Mist. This kind of flooring has wide planks along with little dusty hues of brown, white and hint of gray, altogether.

Another feature of the white mist is it might look old but it’s not. This kind of flooring goes well with the brighter shade walls. You can also select one particular bright color and its lighter tone for the interior.

As a result, the flooring will become the highlight of your place. You can also have two duos of colors to make the interior look absolutely stunning.

  1. Cabin Wood Parquet

Cabin Wood is fully engineered and solid and falls in the category of European Oak. What’s even more interesting is the Parquet – that is the wooden blocks are arranged in a geometrical pattern.

Through this, the flooring looks broaden and also different than the usual. Cabin wood parquet goes well with cottage style home. Even, a modern chic interior is appropriate.

For a stirring feel blend the interior with a bright color like a mustard yellow couch. Add a hint of elegance with monochrome pictures on the wall. If you don’t plan on having pictures, you can also have few flowers or fresh greeneries arranged in the vase.

  1. Antique and Reclaimed Geometric Floor Panels

The intricate design of this antique flooring gives you a sense of rich texture and geometric floor panels. It also creates a dramatic appearance that breaks the repetitive flooring you have come across.

Besides, the solid flooring will render stability. Since the flooring is antique; it will add charm and sophistication. Whether you opt for a room filled with classic furniture items or go for the neutral color combination – Either way, it’s the going to serve exceptional flooring to your desired place.

  1. French Carriage

The concept of wooden flooring is a famous lot in European countries. More or less, French carriage starts with the Premium quality of wood having planks. The dark brown hues along with the slightly lighter tone giving an alluring effect and depth. Often the French carriage gives you a warm and cozy feeling. Moreover, you can keep the interior simple having a subtle tone. Plain white walls or tinge of whites will work perfectly.

In fact, consider having French carriage flooring to your living room. It will complement your furnishings and walls to create an attractive look but always be depicting radiance.

  1. Reclaimed British Victorian Structural Pine Boards

It definitely holds true that the wood flooring adds a touch of grandeur to your home. But a true royal feeling will stir up when you are having reclaimed British Victorian Structural Pine Boards.

The board itself creates a brilliant display when placed in a suitable place. The rich hue strikes a perfect balance with the neutral color scheme making it look even more beautiful than before.

For the fascinating experience, one can use Victorian Structural pine boards into a modern interior. For instance, how does Scandinavian interior sound? Interesting! Isn’t it?

  1. Unfinished Oak Block Layout Parquet

When you are designing the flooring, the layout is EVERYTHING. For one it enhances spacious illusion and secondly, if they are unfinished it gives fantastic flooring to your home or even great option for office flooring.

For the genuine and timeless look, you can keep the walls and your furniture of the lighter tone. These days a lot of interior designers suggest you go for a tone lighter than your flooring.

Since Oak block layout Parquet is of lighter brown shade, you can complement it with the curtains and add few accessories to it so as to make your interior look eye-catching.

  1. Artists Studio Floor

With the mere peek into an artist’s studio, you can tell that it’s no ordinary place. It’s exceptional, vivid and a lot of creativity can be found. Especially when it comes to the flooring which defines the studio in an utmost manner.

The rough surface of the flooring next to a few dashes of colors on the surface makes it stand out. For an artist imagination only begins and never quite ends. Hence, you might see the unexpected things at the Studio.

One of the most crucial parts of an artist’s studio is a window. It gives the natural light and surrounding views. Additionally, you can also have large ceilings that will bring an interesting look to the contemporary studio.

  1. Tobacco Cove

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci. He rightly said and it does hold true for Tobacco cove. It’s not too vibrant but positively holds a clean and charming look.

What’s more is that this particular flooring is both Engineered and solid. Tobacco cove is a great flooring option for the office and works place thus it becomes pleasing to the eye.

For different color schemes, why not put a rug on the floor that will make it diverse.

9. Shiplap Painted Pine Claddings

It’s cheap. It’s comfy and quicker to use. For those who don’t know what Shiplap is the exterior board used in outside building. However, now interior designers often use it inside a home as well.

You can use it around your bed or perhaps inside the living area, bathroom and more. For more realistic style you can lay down Shiplap painted pine claddings vertically for a pleasant look.

Either home or library, they give just accurate finishing. Besides, where there’s an immense amount of light coming from the large windows, shiplap painted pine claddings are supreme.

Flooring is something that people are giving a thought to it. Of course, according to your budget, there is numerous flooring to try. Nevertheless, wooden flooring flutters our heart with just a glance.

The above mentioned are 9 trendy wooden flooring ideas for your personal or favorite place. Uniting the diverse flooring to special interiors that will boost up the décor of the home.

Ready To Renovate? Check Out Our List For Some Awe-Inspiring House Goals!

Bored of the same old house? Need a revamp? Read on and find our list of top 55 Interior Designers from California to get some inspiration!

1. Serendipite

Serendipite is the brain child of Valrie Saunders, who describes her signature style to be hues brought to life by layers that evoke a soft balance and harmony. She has worked with many renowned firms before finally starting her own endeavour and her experience only gives her an edge over other designers. Her clients have only words of praises for her!

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2. Greg Wolfson interiors

What started out as a small venture into TV shows, went on to become a full-functioning interior designing company. Greg Wolfson Interiors is renowned for its exceptional quality of services. The founder Greg prides himself on his flair for delivering a creative edge in each of his projects. He is an incredibly talented interior designer who has the knack for creativity!

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3. Orange Coast Designers:

Orange Coast Designers is a full service interior design firm highly acclaimed for its luxurious, sophisticated and comfortable designs. They believe in creating exquisite interiors that are free from the boundaries of predetermined style. This firm was created by three ladies who have highly innovative minds and the expertise to bring those designs to life!

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4. Cocoon Homes

For the nature loving folks out there, your saviour has arrived! Cocoon Homes offers interior and botanical design services. With the help of their amazing services you can have mesmerizing plants as a part of your interior design. Their unique services make them stand out against the competitors. They can gift your home with them much needed aesthetic appeal!

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5. Suza Design

Suza Design is the creation of Suzie Parkinson; her sense of style is ever-evolving and cannot be contained in a specific category. She has the prowess to bring her client’s imagination to life. She can aptly express what her clients love, through her innovative designs. With so many years of experience at her side, she can create quiet as well quirky colorful spaces.

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6. Mark Cutler’s Design

With a mention in Rob Report’s “Top 40” firms in the country, Mark Cutler’s Design Inc, masterfully blends the basics of building and design to bring to life personal and elegant reflections of his client’s spaces. The creator of this innovative organization has a collaborative approach towards all of his clients. His designs can redefine your humble abode!

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7. The LOCZI design group

The LOCZI design group consists of a bunch of highly motivated individuals who are led by Paige. She did a fabulous job of putting together a group of highly talented individuals. They work best when they are challenged to create distinctive interiors. If you have a picture in your head of how your house should be, they can transform that into a reality.

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8. Willetts Design

Willetts Design and Associates is a company that has a special skill for providing interiors that are aesthetically pleasing, tactile and effortless in nature. The creator of this organization Dorothy Willets, is renowned for her abilities to transform concepts and site-specific challenges into mesmerizing and welcoming interiors. They can help you shape your living space and give it an all new look!

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9. Coddington Design

This interior design company was founded by Melanie Coddington in 2005 and since then they have been transforming the interiors of their clients for good. Melanie has an eye for detail and an excellent taste in colours, her designs will enhance the beauty of your living space!

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10. Martyn Lawrence Bullard Design

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Design was the idea of Martyn who is an international designer who is renowned for his eclectic and ever stylish interior designs. Whether it is a commercial space or a residential one, Martyn keeps it colourful and classy with a hint of humor. Choose them if you want a modern day luxurious living space!

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11. Lori Dennis

The creator of Lori Dennis, Lori is an expert in green, luxury and high end interior architecture. She leads a team of highly skilled and creative individuals who provide clients with luxuriously comfortable interiors. They work with the best and most well regarded artisans, manufacturers and vendors. Choose them if you want experience and expertise at your side!

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12. Design Vidal

Design Vidal was founded by Karen and Guy Vidal in 2005, they have the ability to create beautiful and functional living spaces. Their designs are inspired by mid-century architecture, eastern traditions, textile design, cement tilting, stone and timber work. They are perfect for recipients who want a touch of antiquity to modern day houses!

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13. Sarah Barnard Design

Sarah Barnard Design was founded by Sarah, her designs are a perfect blend of art, architecture, textiles and environment. Her experience in a broad spectrum of projects has provided her with the ability to create smart and mindful designs for her clients.

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14. 22 Interiors

The founder of 22 Interiors Lucie Ayres believes in transforming the way you feel and lead your lives. Her approach is to engage your senses, intrigue your mind and ultimately create your happy space. Lucie defines her sense of style as a hybrid of soulful Eutopean and playful Californian – comfortable, modern, and always interesting!

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15. The Accidental Decorator

The Accidental Decorator was created by Jennifer Cataldo who has a knack for turning ordinary spaces to extraordinary experiences. She has an inherent talent for design that allows her to clearly understand her client’s demands and tailor her services around the same.

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16. B. David Levine Design

David has over three decades of experience in the architectural field; he decided to bring his expertise to the market through B. David Levine Design. His extensive span of experience and unique approach enables him to offer clients with interiors that are truly mesmerizing and comfortable!

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17. D Living Stone Designs

Donna Livingston is the proud owner of D Living Stone Designs, she has carved her way up amongst the top interior designers over a span of 30 long years. Her sense of style is classy, inviting, and also highly detail oriented.

Need more? Log in to :

18. NS Designs

NS Designs is a premium quality design company that specializes in providing contemporary interior design and spatial planning projects. From the kitchen to the bedroom, they can revamp every space of your humble abode. Their precision over all the facets of business sets them apart in the architectural sphere!

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19. Kevin Barry Fine Art

Kevin Barry Fine Art believes in providing living spaces that are blend of thoughtfully selected art pieces and unique elements. They have over two decades of experience in this industry which gives them an edge above their competitors. They are not just constricted to providing a renovation for residential spaces; any interior could be their artistic playground to explore!

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20. Think Pure

Think Pure is an impressing endeavour by Kelly Schandel, established in 2003 it is successfully serving a variety of clients over the years. Kelly has the prowess to create living spaces that evoke a calm and quiet elegance. Every work of hers reflects the modern sense of luxury without overdoing it!

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21. Shelley Beckes Interior Design

Shelley Beckes Interior Design puts together extensive experience with a creative, fresh energy for today’s design challenges. This firm was found by Shelley Beckes and her central focus in every service is to create unique and intriguing interiors for her clientele.

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22. JAC Interiors

JAC Interior has been creating exquisite interiors for its clientele since it came into existence in 2004.The Co-Founders Andrea Putman and Christine Thompson derive their success from their unique style and complementary skill set. This firm is known for its precision to combine high design with a bit or rock and roll!

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23. Wake + Loom

Wake + Loom is a full functioning interior design company that specializes in residential and boutique commercial projects. The founders Gabriela Eisenhart and Holly Conlan have peculiar styles – Gabriela’s style is sophisticated and provocative whereas Holly leans toward eclectic Californian styles.

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24. Environment Design Group

Elizabeth Ribbons is the founder of Environment Design Group, as the name of her brand itself suggests she believes in providing clients with living spaces that are functional and aesthetic at the same time. With her extensive work background and experience, she can be trusted to provide clients with an intriguingly inviting living space.


25. Mark Brunetz

Mark Brunetz is a firm that has been delivering exceptional quality of design services for almost two decades now. The founder Mark has a holistic approach to design that captures the passions and motivations of his clients and enhances their livelihood, both at work and home.

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26. ASD Interiors Interior Design

ASD Interiors is owned by Shirry Dolgin , she gained a love for arts, culture, food and lifestyle design at an early age. Shirry has a built a reputation for herself over the years. She prides herself on being able to deliver a design that is in accordance with the client’s requirements.

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27. Sabines Interior Design

Sabines Interior Design is a renowned residential and commercial interior design company, they are known for creating modern, high-end living spaces with a French touch. Their knowledge and expertise helps them carve a niche in their field.


28. RJohnson Interiors

From large scale remodels to easy, quick-makeovers, this firm can provide it all. RJohnson Interiors will work with you closely to create interiors that reflect your individualistic taste and lifestyle. They can provide you with a house that is tailor made just to suit your requirements!

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29. Lafia Arvin Interior Design

Lafia Arvin Interior Design was established in the year 1997 by Monique Lafia and Chris Arvin. They have a special expertise in designing “Getaways” and “Estates”. This company can be trusted to provide their clients with high end luxury interiors.

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30. Studio 9 Interior Design

Studio 9 is a residential and commercial design firm; they work with a desire to create bold, organic, and contemporary spaces. The owner Raquel Contreas is a renowned designer, her sense of style is inspired from flashy Hollywood Glamour and traditional designs.

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31. HOUSEometry

The founder of this quirky named company is Holly Karkouti. Through HOUSEometry, Holly creates interiors that are sophisticated, rich and relaxed. She believes in putting together living spaces that truly feel like home.


32. Amber Interior Design

From high-end makeovers to a simple and convenient renovation, the team at Amber Interiors can provide it all. The founder Amber always had a love for design and found herself more interested in art lessons than history and hence established this firm to showcase her talent.


33. Sarah Rosenhaus Interior Designs

The founder of this firm Sarah has been creating beautiful and expressive interiors that showcase the varied and cultured tastes of her clients. Sarah Rosenhaus Interior Designs can be relied on to deliver a service that will exceed your expectations!


34. A Plus Home Improvements

A Plus is a family owned business that has been making client’s home dreams come true for almost two decades now. They pride themselves on their superior quality of workmanship and precision. By employing the latest state-of-the-art machinery, they can provide clients with classy and comfortable interiors.


35. Lulu Designs

Lulu Designs was created by Lindsay who has an excellent eye for detail and can make her client’s visions come to life. It is a full service designing firm that specializes in creating compelling, practical and original interiors for their clients.

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36. Get Back Jojo

Get Back Jojo was established by Joan Teasuro who is an award winning interior decorator with a unique personal style. Joan thinks outside the box for each of her projects and can cater clients coming from all walks of life.


37. Mas Design

Mas Design is led by Dawn Carlson and Carol Perry, Dawn brings on-board her flair for style, sophistication, and bold personal expression whereas Carol brings her impeccable design eye and a passion for perfection. Their distinct style preferences come together to create beautiful spaces.

Need more? Log in to :

38. Cdc Designs

Cdc Designs has over three and a half decades of experience in the interior designing field; their team has a vast and in-depth knowledge of this industry. They can tailor the design services according to the individualistic requirement of the clients.

Need more? Log in to :

39. Kimball Starr

Kimball Starr describes its signature style as characterized by organic surfaces, crisp lines, and rich palettes layered across an architectural framework. The team works with an aim to create beautiful and smartly organized interiors. They have been changing people’s lives one room at a time!

Need more? Log in to :

40. Sea Interior Design

Rebecca is the founder of Sea Interior Design, her main motive behind establishing this firm was to improve the client experience. She believes that you only live once and hence you deserve a beautiful house. In her style, function is fine but beauty is better!

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41. Design Loft Company

Design homes can help you in putting together the perfect house. From large scale projects to the smaller ones, they are renowned for creating gorgeous and functional interiors that speak for themselves. This organization was founded by Hellen Hsieh who has a passion for interior designing.

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42. Geremia Designs

Gerema Design is an initiative by Lauren Geremia. With her vast knowledge and fine arts background, she brings innovation and style to each of her projects. Her designs consist of unique pieces and custom furniture that is created by her team.

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43. Chateau Interiors & Design

Chateau Interiors & Designs was established in the year 1978 and has been serving its varied clientele for over 35 years now. With a long history of creating fabulous home environments, Chateau is adept enough to provide its clients with impressive services.

Need more? Log in to :

44. Interior Affairs

Interior Affairs was established by Vickie Daeley in the year 2003. Since then they have come a long way and have made a reputation for themselves for being a leading interior design firm. They can be trusted to provide their clients with premium quality design services.

Need more? Log in to :

45. Catalina Design

Catalina Design is an interior design firm that has served in the industry for about 22 years. They are experts at delivering design solutions that are creative and contextual at the same time. They offer unique and customer friendly services that you can benefit from.

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46. Charmean Neithart Interiors

Charmean’s design journey began way before she established Charmean Neithart Interiors. She pursued her passion for interior designing by decorating spaces in her free time and ultimately launched her own company. Her love for exotic accessories is clearly reflected in her work.


47. LMK Interiors

LMK Interiors believes that color is the universal language that connects architecture to your house. Hence, they are inspired by color. They strive hard to provide you with a beautiful, harmonious and functional space that lives up to your expectations.


48. Decorating Den Interiors

Say hello to the biggest in-home decorating service in North America! Whether you want to build a house from the scratch or you want to make changes to the existing space, they provide it all. They offer functionality, style and value.

Need more? Log in to :

49. Anna Rode Designs

Anna Rode Designs is a firm that is highly acclaimed for delivering casual elegance for everyday living. They have a unique approach that allows them to capture their client’s personality and values. Whatever is your style preference they can cater all your demands.

Need more? Log in to :

50. Bungalow 56

Jessica and Karen are the creative brains behind Bungalow 56, they tailor a blend of organic and contemporary design elements to create gorgeously curated living spaces. With extensive knowledge and expertise on their side, they prove to be excellent at their work.

Need more? Log in to :

51. My Designer Touch

My Designer Touch was formed by Nadine who has an extensive experience of 18 years in this field. With her skills in art and creativity, she shows people how a well-balanced and beautiful personal space can provide balance, organization and beauty in the external world.

Need more? Log in to :

52. Candy Anady Interior Design

Candy Anady is an interior design company that provides services for new as well as existing living spaces. The founder Candy is a high creative individual who has an array of styles – from country, Tuscan, to rustic and classy.

Need more? Log in to :

52. Candy Anady Interior Design

Candy Anady is an interior design company that provides services for new as well as existing living spaces. The founder Candy is a high creative individual who has an array of styles – from country, Tuscan, to rustic and classy.

Need more? Log in to :

53. In Place Studio

In Place Studio is a firm that has an expertise in providing kitchen and bathroom designs. They provide comprehensive services to their clients and guide them through each step to ensure that the clients are getting what they want out of their collaboration with them.

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54. M Swabb

M Swabb is a boutique design firm that has special expertise in creating distinctive spaces that have a ‘Wow’ factor. From the beginning of the project to the end, the team ensures that everything is carried out in an organized and hassle free manner.

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55. Michelle Ruben Interiors

Michelle Ruben the founder of this firm strongly believes that home design is like any other creative art form; you need to allow the process to reveal itself. She is known for her collaborative inspiration and ability to read her client’s requirements effortlessly.

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It is the first and certainly the most important point that you need to keep in mind while safeguarding your wood flooring from woodworm. For this, you need to learn how to recognize and treat wood boring insects to protect your wood floors. The best way to recognize woodworm is to deeply analyze your wood flooring.

You need to find out whether there are tiny woodworm holes in your flooring or not. If you notice that there are certain small holes, you should be conscious enough as your wood flooring is being occupied by insects. However, it is true that discovering tiny holes in wood floors can help you recognizing the woodworm, but it is not essential that these are wood-eating grubs/larvae that may consume your wood floor. Now, what should be done? In such a situation, you need to know about the species of woodworm insects. There are certain insects that may create issues for your wood flooring. So, identifying them is needed if you want to keep your wood flooring safe.

How to Identify Woodworms Insects?

Here, one point should be noted that a woodworm insect is not a certain species. Remember, this term usually encompasses the natural larval stage of specific wood boring insects or beetles. Are you still confused on how to recognize the woodworm insects? If yes, then you should check out stated below species of wood boring insects.

  1. Usual furniture beetle can be considered as the most usual type of insects.
  2. Xestobium Rufuvillosum or also called deathwatch beetle can also be a threat to your wood flooring.
  3. Hylotrupes bajulus or house longhorn insect or beetle can be another big enemy of your wood floors.

How Woodworm Insects Develop

Normally, insects occur in your wooden floors or other items with the moisture level of greater than 19 percent, as damp is a basic factor here to determine. Remember, adult beetles or insects lay their usual eggs on a base of wood floor or wooden items. The larvae of adult insects can damage the wood. Since wood is the only food source for them, they simply start consuming it.

These insects simply tunnel as well as feed for a few years and then become an adult. If you want to protect your wood floors from these wood boring beetles, you need to observe the surface and base of your wooden item or wood floors.

Do You Want to Eliminate Wood Boring Insects from Your Wood Floors?

Obviously, your answer to the above-asked question would be a big yes. However, it is true that all modern homeowners want to avoid this situation, but still many of them have to deal with it. There could be various ways that can be used to get rid of wood boring beetles. Do you still have various doubts about the same? If so, then you must check out stated below significant ideas on eliminating wood boring insects from wood floors.


Keep Your Wooden Items Moisture-free

Prevention is better than cure. Yes, you need to keep your wooden items moisture-free. It is often observed that moisture provides a very productive situation for woodworms to grow on the surfaces of wooden items or base of furniture.

You are highly advised that you should keep observing the overall situation of your wood floors. You should always try to make it moisture-free. In case of ignoring this point, you are likely to invite lots of wood boring beetles towards your wood flooring.

Be Aware of Small Holes on Wooden Items

Whether you want to protect your wood floors or other wooden items from wood boring beetles, you should first concentrate on discovering little holes. When you notice white little holes around on your wooden items, you should understand that there is something wrong with your wooden items or wood flooring. Therefore, you are highly advised that you should try to find out little holes at their early stage.

There are different types of woodworm killers available to use. If you use certain woodworm solution at an early age, you can be able to safeguard your wooden item or wood flooring from horrible insects.

How to Recognize the Best Woodworm Treatment?

However, you always try to keep your wooden items or wood floors moisture-free and woodworms-free, but still, you have to deal with such a bad situation. Now, the question arises here how to get rid of such a situation? The simplest answer to this question is to determine woodworm treatment. But the actual problem arises when you get highly confused on witnessing different types of woodworm treatments.

You may find it difficult to recognize a right option. So, if you are also facing such a situation, you need to take stated below things into consideration.


  • First of all, you need to do your research online. For this, you need to create a list of top woodworm treatments available online. Once you have a list of top solutions, you need to check out them one by one to finalize a right one.
  • It is highly advised that before making a deal, you should first confirm whether you can afford buying the same or not. If you notice that you may not be able to afford certain woodworm treatment option, you need to look for other choices.
  • It is highly advised that before making a deal, you should first assess the condition of your wood floors. You need to check out whether your wooden items are at first stage or not.