The latest bathroom London trend that is strictly black and white.

Painting walls black is always a daunting task and not one to be taken lightly, however as long as you have planned your space wisely; the sleek monochrome look will be your most loved room in the house. Black walls shouldn’t consume the room as it creates a dark small environment that isn’t welcoming or relaxing.

For contrast and a graphic look, black can be used with white crisp walls to make the room feel light and fresh. It is all about being subtle. To keep your room from feeling cold and robust add textiles and wood materials that are warm and homely.

  1. Organic White and Black Paint – Mineral Paint Maker
  2. Weathered  and Textured Black Oak Floor – Reclaimed Flooring Company
  3. Matted Black Taps and Shower Heads with a monochrome colour  – ODIN collection on Brizo.com
  4. TS Table from Gubi and GamFratesi