Mountain European Oak

Why is our Oak the most beautiful & consistent available?

A lot of research goes into finding the correct supply of oak for our core stock. The importance of tree selection marks the beginning of our long and personalised process with the floor order for each client. Selectively sourced, our flooring is made from European Mountain Oak, which is a slower grown species because of the rocky soils with less water content.

Also, the character within the oak has a more attractive distributed throughout the tree because of the steady and regular growing pace of the tree, this makes it a perfect and reliable choice for our floor finishes.Similar to genuine reclaimed oaks from at least the last century in Europe, slower grown oak has a tighter grain and produces a more stable wood structure.

Our European Mountain Oak is also sourced for the production of wine and whisky barrels because of the higher tannin content. Only with a significant amount of tannin in the wood can we create our hand-made and custom finishes.

Unlike other companies, we will never buy cheaper oak lumber from China which is commonplace in the US flooring market. For our products to remain stable throughout the year, we only buy our oak from regular and regulated suppliers.


Mountain oak is specific to RFC and we use this prized oak for both our solid and our engineered range of flooring.