9 Trendy Wooden Flooring Ideas For Your Creative Space

If rustic décor is what wins over your heart, then you will certainly love the wooden flooring. Most of the times, flooring isn’t giving much importance. As new trends are coming, people have started giving a thought about it.

One of the many flooring ideas is the wooden flooring. They give a great design to your creative space. Different types of the color palate are available that will go together with the interior. Today in this blog, we have put together 9 unique wooden flooring ideas that you can give a try.

By doing so, it will enhance the look of your place with a inspiration and esthetic feel.

  1. White Mist

The famous and found almost in everyone home is White Mist. This kind of flooring has wide planks along with little dusty hues of brown, white and hint of gray, altogether.

Another feature of the white mist is it might look old but it’s not. This kind of flooring goes well with the brighter shade walls. You can also select one particular bright color and its lighter tone for the interior.

As a result, the flooring will become the highlight of your place. You can also have two duos of colors to make the interior look absolutely stunning.

  1. Cabin Wood Parquet

Cabin Wood is fully engineered and solid and falls in the category of European Oak. What’s even more interesting is the Parquet – that is the wooden blocks are arranged in a geometrical pattern.

Through this, the flooring looks broaden and also different than the usual. Cabin wood parquet goes well with cottage style home. Even, a modern chic interior is appropriate.

For a stirring feel blend the interior with a bright color like a mustard yellow couch. Add a hint of elegance with monochrome pictures on the wall. If you don’t plan on having pictures, you can also have few flowers or fresh greeneries arranged in the vase.

  1. Antique and Reclaimed Geometric Floor Panels

The intricate design of this antique flooring gives you a sense of rich texture and geometric floor panels. It also creates a dramatic appearance that breaks the repetitive flooring you have come across.

Besides, the solid flooring will render stability. Since the flooring is antique; it will add charm and sophistication. Whether you opt for a room filled with classic furniture items or go for the neutral color combination – Either way, it’s the going to serve exceptional flooring to your desired place.

  1. French Carriage

The concept of wooden flooring is a famous lot in European countries. More or less, French carriage starts with the Premium quality of wood having planks. The dark brown hues along with the slightly lighter tone giving an alluring effect and depth. Often the French carriage gives you a warm and cozy feeling. Moreover, you can keep the interior simple having a subtle tone. Plain white walls or tinge of whites will work perfectly.

In fact, consider having French carriage flooring to your living room. It will complement your furnishings and walls to create an attractive look but always be depicting radiance.

  1. Reclaimed British Victorian Structural Pine Boards

It definitely holds true that the wood flooring adds a touch of grandeur to your home. But a true royal feeling will stir up when you are having reclaimed British Victorian Structural Pine Boards.

The board itself creates a brilliant display when placed in a suitable place. The rich hue strikes a perfect balance with the neutral color scheme making it look even more beautiful than before.

For the fascinating experience, one can use Victorian Structural pine boards into a modern interior. For instance, how does Scandinavian interior sound? Interesting! Isn’t it?

  1. Unfinished Oak Block Layout Parquet

When you are designing the flooring, the layout is EVERYTHING. For one it enhances spacious illusion and secondly, if they are unfinished it gives fantastic flooring to your home or even great option for office flooring.

For the genuine and timeless look, you can keep the walls and your furniture of the lighter tone. These days a lot of interior designers suggest you go for a tone lighter than your flooring.

Since Oak block layout Parquet is of lighter brown shade, you can complement it with the curtains and add few accessories to it so as to make your interior look eye-catching.

  1. Artists Studio Floor

With the mere peek into an artist’s studio, you can tell that it’s no ordinary place. It’s exceptional, vivid and a lot of creativity can be found. Especially when it comes to the flooring which defines the studio in an utmost manner.

The rough surface of the flooring next to a few dashes of colors on the surface makes it stand out. For an artist imagination only begins and never quite ends. Hence, you might see the unexpected things at the Studio.

One of the most crucial parts of an artist’s studio is a window. It gives the natural light and surrounding views. Additionally, you can also have large ceilings that will bring an interesting look to the contemporary studio.

  1. Tobacco Cove

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci. He rightly said and it does hold true for Tobacco cove. It’s not too vibrant but positively holds a clean and charming look.

What’s more is that this particular flooring is both Engineered and solid. Tobacco cove is a great flooring option for the office and works place thus it becomes pleasing to the eye.

For different color schemes, why not put a rug on the floor that will make it diverse.

9. Shiplap Painted Pine Claddings

It’s cheap. It’s comfy and quicker to use. For those who don’t know what Shiplap is the exterior board used in outside building. However, now interior designers often use it inside a home as well.

You can use it around your bed or perhaps inside the living area, bathroom and more. For more realistic style you can lay down Shiplap painted pine claddings vertically for a pleasant look.

Either home or library, they give just accurate finishing. Besides, where there’s an immense amount of light coming from the large windows, shiplap painted pine claddings are supreme.

Flooring is something that people are giving a thought to it. Of course, according to your budget, there is numerous flooring to try. Nevertheless, wooden flooring flutters our heart with just a glance.

The above mentioned are 9 trendy wooden flooring ideas for your personal or favorite place. Uniting the diverse flooring to special interiors that will boost up the décor of the home.

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